Important notice!
Al Qualaa is now the first and only place in Saida and the south offering SAT courses from The Princeton Review. 
Please note that the teachers are certified and guarantee outstanding results in Maths and English.
Join us on July 31, 11am-12pm at QSS elementary library to learn more about the SAT and getting into college.
Parents and students from all schools in Saida and the South are invited.
Reserve your seats.
QSS students make top ranks in the South
Despite the very few missing out this round, it is with joy and glory to announce the success story of the round one terminal external exam. In LS 7 very good, 5 good - In GS 1 very good and 5 good - we proudly acknowledge the outstanding achievement of Mohammad Munir Fares Al Haj Shehadi in GS ranking 2nd in the South, Ali Mohamad Ali Kawtharani in LS ranking 3rd in the South and Jana Sabbagh in LS ranking 8th in the South. 
Grade nine make QSS shine
It is with pride and joy to announce that QSS students in grade 9 all pass with flying colors on the external exam.Out of 47 students, 16 of them received Very Good and 14 Good.Fatima Hassoun and Sara Kanaan ranked 10th in the South. Congratulations to our industrious students and dedicated teachers on an outstanding achievement.