School Principal

Dear students and parents,
Believing that children are unique individuals, QSS is committed to providing its students with a safe, heartwarming and stimulating environment to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for each and every one of them. However, achieving this goal requires the combined efforts of the dear students and their supportive parents, in addition to the dedicated staff. 
As the Principal, my responsibility lies not only in fulfilling this ultimate goal but also in enhancing the academic capabilities and emotional well-being of students and staff alike. The vital urgency to implement different means of technology, especially online platforms, has posed a new challenge in these awkward times. Nevertheless, I am definitely sure that we can all cooperate to make ends meet and provide the most suitable learning environment to prepare our students for life. 
Throughout the years, our school has proven its ability to equip students with the necessary life skills allowing them to develop and thrive, and I am modestly proud to admit that our graduates have met all their challenges, adding a valuable asset to QSS, their “second home.”
“And the show will go on!”
QSS is dedicated to pursuing its mission to unleash students’ potentials and developing their emotional intelligence, as always. 
In the end, as Aristotle said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
Mrs. Mona Antar