QSS sets high standards for all children in every aspect of their education and aims to develop the whole child.
Teachers have high expectations of each child and constantly strive to facilitate each child's potential in all areas. Children learn to develop individual motivation, sustain concentration and work co-operatively with others.
Children are taught about aspects of their personal and social health and about environmental and moral issues.
Educational Visits
We believe that children learn best when they are engaged in first-hand experiences. Where there is an opportunity to make an educational visit to support learning, teachers will arrange to take the students.
All visits will be related to the curriculum topic being studied. Written permission will be sought and parents will be asked to contribute to the cost of transport and/or entrance fees to places of interest. These visits/excursions are mandatory.
Regular letters:
We have a range of regular letters which are posted on the communicator/school website to help keep parents fully informed about events at school:
  • School Newsletter: Published monthly
  • Home Learning: Published weekly.
Other letters and notifications are sent by message as and when required.
  • All school news and communication are posted on the school website. This will run on your computer or mobile device to keep you up to date daily with what is happening. It updates automatically and brings you all the latest news and calendar events.
Homework from KG3 to grade 5 have an agenda which is sent home each night. This is the main vehicle of communication between the class teacher and the parents for individual and specific comments about your child. This is also the tool for parents and teachers to comment on each of their subjects.
Occasionally we send emails from school so please ensure your email address is kept up to date on the school records.