Community Service

QSS launched its new Community Service program which is managed and facilitated by Ms. Dima Khalifeh. During the course of this project, 9th graders and 11th & 12th Humanities students will learn about human rights, their history and the different forms of violation thereof across the world. Students will conduct research on global case studies and prominent human rights activists, after which they will deliver presentations to their colleagues on the role of these activists in promoting human values and influencing social, political and legal change. In addition to the theoretical component of the program, students will be designing and implementing their personal projects that help mitigate human rights violations within their local area. This program aims at giving students hands-on experience by teaching them the ABCs of project design and then supporting them in the actual implementation within their community. In the pictures above, 9th graders were delivering presentations on different human rights. They presented the history of the right of education, equality, mental health, physical safety, freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. They presented case studies on police brutality against black people in the US, domestic violence, Islamophobia, depriving young girls from education in Pakistan, the violation of freedom of expression in North Korea, sexual harassment, the rise of feminism and others. We look forward to their upcoming presentations and creative community projects!