Spanish Classes

Spanish is the second most widely spoken languages globally in terms of the number of native speakers. It comes before English and after Mandarin. Additionally, it occupies the fourth place worldwide in terms of global speaker after English, Mandarin and Hindi. Furthermore, it is the most spoken of the Romance languages, and is the third most used on the internet.
Interestingly, due to migration, the United States is the second country with the largest number of Spanish speakers in the world. Therefore, a bilingual person, who speaks Spanish and English, can understand 1 in 3 people who connect to the Internet. In addition, he or she can access over 60% of everything published on the web. 
At QSS, while striving for an ever growing perfection in education, we offer, this year, to our pupils the opportunities to learn Spanish in addition to English and French. It is our mission to build a generation of students capable of communicating with most people around the globe.  
Mr.Elie Rizk
Spanish Teacher