New York , Glory Galore

The MUN NY is the world's largest Model UN conference with hundreds of schools and thousands of delegates attending from around the world. This year unlike any other year QSS made record breaking achievements winning four position papers and one diplomacy award. This for the school is a great honor and privilege.

The following students did us very proud.

Maya El Meoush, Rand Ghaddar (Position Paper Award)
Leen Hijazi, Rania Haidar (Diplomacy Award)
Yara El Haj, Lama Jradi (Position Paper Award)
Imad El Sayad, Lea Nahra (Position Paper Award)
Hasan Fakih, Ali Zaiour (Position Paper Award)

Hearty thanks to Miss Nazmieh and Miss Mariam for organizing and accompanying our students during this very rewarding experience